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Manchester City vs Aston Villa at Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium Referee : Michael Oliver
22nd May 2022 4:00 PM (BST)
  • 3 Manchester City

    • ‘76' Ilkay Gündogan
    • ‘78' Rodri
    • ‘81' Ilkay Gündogan
  • 2 Aston Villa

    • ‘37' Matty Cash
    • ‘69' Philippe Coutinho


Commentary By David Clayton


It's a wrap, folks

OK, six hours on the Matchday Centre is enough for anyone! If you've any sense you'll be celebrating long into the night after today's events. It is hard to believe that all actually happened. At 0-2 down, foolishly, I thought we'd blown it. Then there was that magical five minutes when everything changes. As Pep would no doubt say, 'That's football'. Is there any other sport that can do this? Not sure there is. Thanks for your company and I'll sign off with one word...



What Pep said...

 "The last game is always special, a lot of emotion. Aston Villa gave everything but the first goal changed everything. We had to handle it.

"We are legends. When you win the Premier League in this country four times in five seasons it is because these guys are so, so special. We will be remembered.

"Winning at home in front of our people is the best. The moment we equalised we had the feeling we had the chance to score the third.

"The magnitude of the achievement is related to magnitude of our rival and I have never seen a team like Liverpool in my life. Congratulations to Liverpool - they have made us better and better each week.

"I don't have the energy or desire to think about next season now. We are champions again."


Liverpool skipper congratulates City

Jordan Henderson:  "Congratulations to City but now we focus on a huge match against a very good side. We have to be at our very best if we want to come away with the trophy." 


Micah on Sky Sports...

 "Fernandinho's been absolutely immense from start to finish. He came to Manchester and embraced the culture.

"He's really worked hard for the team and improved. He was a real joy to be in the changing room with. All good things come to an end. To win the Premier League, there can't be a better send off."


City's recipe for last day dramas


✔️ Be behind by a goal, even a couple


✔️ Leave the comeback as late as possible


✔️ Make it all as dramatic as possible


✔️ Win the game and ask 'did you ever doubt us?'


Our Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has just come onto the pitch and given Pep a hug.  The players, staff and their families are still on the pitch but the stadium is mostly empty now as the stadium exits are about to close. 


Grealish reactiion

"Its' unbelievable. I ran down the tunnel and cried my eyes out. As a kid you want to win the Premier League. I can’t put it into words, honestly.

"We know how good of a side Villa are and they showed it. With our quality we can beat anyone. Honestly I can’t put it into words, I was crying my eyes out. The medal means everything. For me, I’ve never won it so I’m so  happy!

"I’ve enjoyed every minute (of my first season). I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone but honestly this makes up for it." 


Ferna words..

 "We have the same experience. Fight until the end, never give up. I can say I am a fighter.

"During my time here I have worked with so many good people. They have taught me how to be a proper leader and captain. When I was captain, I always tried to be in the right position for them.

"I am really proud because when I came here it was a new challenge in my life. I planned to win as much as I can and with the help of everyone in my club and family, with their support it was easy."


Zinchenko reaction

"It’s unforgettable emotions for me and for all Ukrainians which at the moment are starving and surviving in my country. I’m so proud to be Ukrainian. I would love to one day bring this title to Ukraine. They deserve it.

"It means everything for me (fan and team-mates support). I want to die for all these people and support. What they have done for me in the toughest time in my life I will never forget this in my entire life.

"At some point, in the beginning I didn't think about football because it is impossible to live. But all the support I’ve had, we did it." 


Fernandinho trubute

Buzzer, Manuel Pellegrini, Kiddo, Jesus Navas and his dad and family members... he is smiling as the messages are relayed on the big screen. Like the cat in Shrek, I will not cry!


Bernardo: 'Let's not try to repeat that!'


Manchester City's Bernardo Silva speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: "It's not easy, there was a bit of disbelief and we still had to believe in the turnaround.

"I'm so happy, and the way it was makes it a little bit better but let's not try to repeat that.

"When you beat a team as good as Liverpool, it feels better. We have won it the last few years against top, top teams.

"But once again we are the best team in England and next year we will try to come back and give a bit more to the fans."


We're proud of you Oleks...

Lovely moment as Zinchenko is given a Ukrainian flag. He is in tears and the players embrace him and the crowd gives him a fantastic reception. He was superb when he came on


I can't tell you how hard it is to keep cool, calm and collected when everybody else around you is losing their head as the goals went in. That's the price of being a Blue and working matchdays! What a privilege though...


Yaya/Kolo sing getting an airing after a stadium-wide singalong of 'Don't Look Back in Anger' - made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, that!


Trophy lifted!!

Every player got a wonderful reception - especially Gundo and KDB - but the whole team. Nice to see Ruben Dias there - must have been so hard to miss the last few weeks


More Shearer reaction...

"I was nervous and I don’t really care who wins it – so God knows what those supporters were going through as that was one tense afternoon. Incredible.

"You felt it. We were all saying City just need one and the rest will happen – and of course once that first one went in, their tails were up and their confidence was back.

"Because you could tell they were really nervous, it was really edgy first half – but once they got that first goal, the shackles were off, the belief was back, the stadium was buzzing and you just felt they were going to go on and get the goals, and that’s what they did."



Gundo to the rescue

I'll never forget Pep turning around looking for Ilkay as he warmed up. "GUNDO!!!" he yelled into the sky. That was on 68 minutes when we were 1-0 down. A minute after he came on we went 2-0 down. 12 minutes later we were 3-2 up. It really is the stuff of dreams.


Alan Shearer reaction on BBC Sport

 "What a team, what a season, what a standard of football that we’ve witnessed.

"You could see Pep was really nervous in the first half and he changed the personnel around – what a man and what a manager.

"Four titles out of the last five – it’s just unbelievable what he’s got at Manchester City and what Jurgen has at Liverpool. It was a brilliant afternoon for the neutral.

"He made the changes, Pep, and when you are putting someone on you want them to make a difference – and, boy, did they make a difference."


Don't go anywhere! We will have all the reaction and anything and everything else we can bring you. It still hasn't sunk in yet. How was it for you? 


I can't believe what I have just seen. We are 2-0 down with 76 minutes gone - 5 minutes later we are 3-2 up. Every emotion you can imagine in 90 minutes. Another 3-2 and one that surely tops even the QPR comeback? And Martin Tyler said we'd never see the like again!


Honestly never seen anything like this - De Bruyne slid it across from the right and Gundo tapped in at the far post. The Etihad is going berserk...



RODRIGO!!!!!!!!!!! 2-2!!!!!

Calmly stroked home by the Spaniard into the bottom corner - this is crazy!!

City have scored TWICE in two minutes. GET IN!!



Cross comes in from the right and Jesus slides in but puts the ball over the bar. Then Rodrigo fires wide from 20 yards - all happening here but we still trail



Great work by Zinchenko who works his way into the box but the Villa defenders playing like their lives depend on it and the danger is cleared


The City fans have a huge part to play in the second-half - Pep asked for noise and we've had plenty of it but after Villa scored, the volume went down. Now. more than ever, that noise needs to be even louder than it was at the start. 


Darius Vassell on Matchday Live

"It was what you expect in terms of possession, but in terms of being clinical in front of goal, it wasn’t. There’s more than enough time, we need to not panic but show more urgency. It’s still within our grasp."


Joleon Lescott

"It’s disappointing. As City fans we’re used to the kind of emotion but the performance is not what we’ve become accustomed to seeing. I expected more shots on target and domination. There’s a lot to change for the second half."


Terrific control by Foden who then skips past Cash on the left but Villa have to many defenders in the way and the ball is cleared. City have a corner....


We're not coherent at the moment and giving balls away - Ollie Watkins felt he was fouled by Ferna as he went through on goal - ref says nothing doing - correct decision


OK, definitely not what we wanted but loads of time left. It was a counter-attack down the left and Lucas Digne pinged on into the middle for Cash to head home.


Pep is nice and calm on the touchline which is good to see - there was an audible gasp when Liverpool scored. What we don't want is any anxiety filtering down from the stands



Cancelo and Mahrez combine down the left - Mahrez gets inside the box, jinks in a bit more and then rolls it across the six-yard box but fails to pick out a team-mate



Lucas Digne gets the ball in the face presumably just as City were starting a counter-attack. Didn't go down too well but the main thing is he is OK of course


Here come the boys...

What a wall of sound! Flames shooting into the air, smoke everywhere and much of the sell-out crowd in short sleeves so the Etihad is awash with colour. It's almost like it's the opening day of the season... except it's not!


10 minutes to kick-off....

The noise is really cranking up here - it's going to be electric...

Now watch the following video to get you ready for the game...


'An exceptional player'

Joleon Lescott on Matchday Live

"Ferna? What a guy! I was lucky enough to play with him. My memories of him were before he joined us, when he was at Shakhtar. I was like what a player we’re getting here. An exceptional player."



Ederson will receive the covered Golden Glove with a shutout this afternoon. If compatriot Alisson keeps a clean sheet for Liverpool as well, they will share the award. Hopefully, Eddy gets it for the third season in succession.


So, 10 months' hard work comes down to the last 90 minutes of the final game of the season. The scenarios are that if we win, it doesn't matter what Liverpool do. If we draw and Liverpool win, the title goes to Merseyside. If we lose and Liverpool draw, we win the title. If we both draw, we win the title. If we both lose, we win the title. Basically, we just need to win!


The City players were loudly cheered an applauded as they ran out just now, so can't wait for when the stadium is full and the flags are flying. These are the games we live for...


Shaun Goater pitch side for Matchday Live

"All these players, when they started as young players, these are the moments they dreamt of. This is the game they want to be part of. There’s no player in our squad that will be tentative about today because these days go down in history. These boys will be ready for this." 


Joleon Lescott on Matchday Live

"Glad to see him (John Stones) back! He’s been exceptional since he got into the team last season. It’s a huge plus to have him back. There is no weakened City team. I’m also pleased to see Jesus, he’s been exceptional. I’m excited to see him play."


The Etihad is starting to fill up nicely, the sun has popped out and Ederson and Scot Carson are being warmly applauded. What more could you ask for?


So Ferna - the legend - takes the armband this afternoon. Great to see that, plus John Stones has won his fitness battle with Kyle Walker almost there on the bench. Looks like a very good starting XI from where I'm sat (in the press box)…. what do you guys make of it?


Today's starting XI and bench

Ederson, Stones, Cancelo, Laporte, Fernandinho (c), Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Foden, Jesus, Mahrez

Subs: Carson, Walker, Ake, Sterling, Gundogan, Grealish, Zinchenko, Palmer, McAtee


Team news in just over 15 minutes - it will be interesting to see what Pep's starting XI will be. We'll have it here for you at 3pm on the dot.


And I know this is not all about me... but 10 years ago (not quite to the day but not that far off), I sat down in this very press box to begin the Matchday Centre. We were at home to QPR and all we had to do was win...


Team coach is on its way...

Fireworks going off outside the stadium as the City fans start creating the atmosphere Pep Guardiola is demanding. Flares are being let off as thousands line the streets to let the lads know what this means...


OK, there are also several subplots on this final day of the season, the main one being that our captain, Fernandinho will leave City after today. After nine seasons, Ferna has been a consummate professional and a wonderful servant for our Club. We will be giving him a wonderful send-off this afternoon - let's hope it is with a Premier League winner's medal


Win, win, win!

So much happening today and there are several permutations regarding results - but the only one that really matters is that if we win, we win the Premier League title. Simple.


We'll have all the build-up to kick-off to get you in the mood for today's title decider against Aston Villa, then from 4pm, live updates of the match as it happens. Post-match, we'll have all the reaction we can mop up which, we all hope will be celebrations on and off the pitch. How are your nerves?


It's matchday!

...How are the nerves?

Hello and welcome to the final Matchday Centre of the season, as City welcome Aston Villa to the Etihad Stadium.

While a draw or even slender defeat could still see us over the line depending on Liverpool's result, the equation is simple: win, and Pep Guardiola's men will claim the Premier League title for a fourth time in five seasons.

However, against a Villa side who have lost just one of their last six matches, claiming all three points is far from guaranteed.

And what is sure to be a memorable day takes on an extra level of significance, as captain Fernandinho prepares to don the City shirt for one last time.

Kick-off is at 16:00 (UK), and you can keep across all the action right here with live text commentary from 14:00, while Joleon Lescott and Darius Vassell will offer their expert insight from 15:00 on Matchday Live.

Alistair Mann and Shaun Goater will also guide you through the action from kick-off with live commentary from the Etihad Stadium.

Strap yourselves in for what is sure to be a thrilling final day of the campaign - COME ON, CITY 💙 

Other games that day

  • Arsenal5
  • Chelsea2
  • Norwich City0
    Tottenham Hotspur5
  • Brentford1
    Leeds United2
  • Leicester City4
  • Liverpool3
    Wolverhampton Wanderers1
  • Burnley1
    Newcastle United2
  • Crystal Palace1
    Manchester United0
  • Brighton and Hove Albion3
    West Ham United1

As it stood

P GD Pts
2 Liverpool 38 +68 92
3 Chelsea 38 +43 74
4 Tottenham Hotspur 38 +29 71
5 Arsenal 38 +13 69
6 Manchester United 38 0 58
7 West Ham United 38 +9 56
8 Leicester City 38 +3 52
9 Brighton and Hove Albion 38 -2 51
10 Wolverhampton Wanderers 38 -5 51
11 Newcastle United 38 -18 49
12 Crystal Palace 38 +4 48
13 Brentford 38 -8 46
14 Aston Villa 38 -2 45
15 Southampton 38 -24 40
16 Everton 38 -23 39
17 Leeds United 38 -37 38
18 Burnley 38 -19 35
19 Watford 38 -43 23
20 Norwich City 38 -61 22
Link To Full Table